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Why use a Low-Poly Model in Augmented Reality (AR)

Why, When and How to use a Low Poly Model

Unlike our web configurator which supports Draco compressed models, USDZ files used by apple devices in AR must be uncompressed.

These files are many times larger than the compressed ones and for this reason, we recommend adding an additional low poly model specifically for AR purposes.

To facilitate this we have provided a mechanism for you to add a low poly model in the product administration panel.


If no low poly (lower quality) model is provided we will still generate the AR model using the main HQ model, therefore this is only a recommendation and optional feature, it's not a requirement

The low poly model should contain exactly the same meshes and mesh names as the high-quality model.

How to add a low poly model for the new products: 

Under 3D/AR tab, click bulk add button.

Upload your glb files - both high and low poly.

Use Low poly matcher - define your match type (prefix or suffix) and its value.

Low poly matcher

How to add a low poly model for the existing products: 
If you already had the glbs added to the product you can manually assign the low poly models to the existing glbs:

Under 3D/AR tab click the pencil icon for the particular glb

Assign matching low poly model

Manual low poly model assignment

Normally the file with the different name would be considered as the separate file and the meshes would load additionally. When using low poly matcher, low poly meshes are simply being matched in the background with the high poly meshes, so you only have to define the latter ones.

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to reach out to Mimeeq support.

Updated on: 10/05/2022

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