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How to set Alternative Materials for AR Only

Why and when to set a Alternative AR Material

Many advanced 3d material parameters are not supported in AR

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When creating complex materials like velvet which uses, for example Anisotropy, the result on the browser looks great but for AR the material can appear completely different, specifically and most importantly a different tone.

By adding an alternate material for AR the product admin can make a simplified material for AR and the result is that you do not have to compromise your browser rendered model.

How to Set the Alternative Material and

Option Set

When you assign the material to the particular option in the option set you can now also assign the alternative AR Material.

It is optional, meaning if you leave it empty, the main 3d material will be displayed in AR.

Option Set AR Material

Override Material Rule

You can also assign the alternative AR material when you override the static material using the rule on the product level.

Override material rule with alternative AR material

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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