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Material Parameters Not Supported by AR

Below is a list of Materials that are not supported In WebAR

As of 24/05/2022 we now offer the ability to add an alternative material that is specifically used for the AR generated models, you can read how to set this in this article

Opacity Texture

Opacity texture does not work with AR, we recommend using Albedo with Alpha instead.
It affects mostly mesh fabrics that are being displayed as flat surfaces when the opacity texture is assigned.

How to Solve This

Download existing Opacity Map
Invert the colours - what is white should be black and vice versa
Create an alpha channel on the opaque parts
Export as a png
Add the new map to Media Library
In Material Editor remove the opacity map from the slot and assign the new map to the Albedo texture slot, setting the "HAS ALPHA" option on
Under the “Transparency” section select the “Alpha from Albedo texture” option

Bump Level

Although the bump (or normal) texture is compatible, the bump level is not, and in AR it will always use a level of 1 or 100%. For example, if the level was set to 0.5 then effectively in AR it will be 2 x times stronger than it would appear on the configurator.

How to Solve This

To reduce the bump strength simply edit the bump map using image editor controllers to reduce the height. Then set the bump level at 1 value.

Other Parameters Not Supported

Metallic texture (Use metalness from the Blue channel instead)
Roughness texture (Use roughness from the Green channel instead)
Depth pre-pass and separate culling pass
Ambient texture strength
Real-time filtering
Clear Coat

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to reach out to Mimeeq support.

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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