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Sharing Mechanism for Products Owner

Sharing Mechanism for Products Owner

This article explains how to share your products with a partner that is using the Mimeeq sharing mechanism.
To share your products you must receive your partner's customer sharing key. Check this article to see where to find it.

Click on the Companies tab on Business Panel.

Step 1 screenshot

Select the company that you want to share the products with

Step 2 screenshot

Click on Edit

Step 3 screenshot

Open the customer sharing code field

Step 4 screenshot

Add the customer sharing code and click save

Step 5 screenshot

Go to Admin Panel

Step 6 screenshot

Click on Settings

Step 7 screenshot

Click on Shared Product Groups under Data section

Step 8 screenshot

Click on New

Step 9 screenshot

Create new Product Group - give it a name

Step 10 screenshot

Click on Save changes

Step 11 screenshot

Change the status of the group to Active

Step 12 screenshot

Click on "Add row" to assign the company

Step 13 screenshot

Select the company you want to assign

Step 14 screenshot

Click on Save changes

Step 15 screenshot

Go to Products connected tab

Step 16 screenshot

Click on Add

Step 17 screenshot

Select the products you want to share

Restricted and hidden products are not visible on the list. Use the toggles "show restricted" and "show hidden" to unhide them.
Step 18 screenshot

Click on Apply changes

Step 19 screenshot

Click on Save changes - your partner will receive the products right after this action

Step 20 screenshot

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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