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Sharing Mechanism for Partners

Sharing Mechanism for Partners

This article pesents the steps required to receive the shared products.

You need to deliver your customer-sharing key to the product owner. You can find the key in the URL under the Settings tab
Make sure you copy all digits from "CUST-...." till the end of the URL

Step 1 screenshot

> Now you need to wait for the owner of the products to connect your company and share the products with you.

After the products are shared, go to the Products tab and click new

If you are on the shared license only, you will be only able to add the shared products.
If you also have a standard Mimeeq license, you will be able to choose to add a new product or to add the shared one. Make sure you are on the correct view.

Step 3 screenshot

If you receive the products from more than one owner you can filter the received products by owners

Step 4 screenshot

Select the products you want to add

Step 5 screenshot

Click on Apply changes

You have successfully received the products.
Step 6 screenshot

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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