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Using Events to Track Product Configurator Usage

How to track user events on the mimeeq configurator to track usage of various features?

This article explains how to use Mimeeq events to make your own custom analytics.

Whats an event?

An event is something that Mimeeq fires when an action occurs on the configurator.
these include such things as (these are just example)

Enter Configurator
Leave Configurator
Add to cart
Download PDF
Generate Image
Change Quality
Change Option
Generate AR (View in Room)

For a full list check our developer docs events list

How to use these events?

Since each event is saying an action occurred you can use these events ot store this data to your own analytics system
This can be any system you want to integrate with

For a practical example check this developer docs example

How to track events for specific users

Below presumes you are using the Mimeeq's login (Auth) system

then we will return the logged in users name (first and last name) and email as part of the user session
Therefore once they have logged in you can see that info, check our developer docs to learn how here

Now you know the user is logged in your can store the user details along with your events as described above
If no user is logged in you can mark the user as visitor.

The above gives you a brief outline how to use custom events to track user usage of your product configurators. We suggest passing this article to you developers.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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