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Shopify App - FAQ

Do I need a Mimeeq Account to use the app

Yes you will need a app licence, please contact us

Can I translate my content

You can translate your content (dynamic content) in the Mimeeq Dashboard (External App) while the configurator ui can be translated using our App theme translations block

How do I hide Mimeeq custom cart Products from my collections

There is a few ways to do this but the easiest is to edit the collection dynamic properties, for example go the product collection and set the conditions like this
of course it depends on the name for the product you will create, the default setting will include "Custom Design Ref:" so filtering by this makes the most sence if you have not edited those settings in the Mimeeq app.

Dawn theme by default redirects empty cart uses to collection/all, to make sure that mimeeq customer products do not show you need to add a filter like above to this collection, if you do not see this collection, you need to create it as even if its not there shopify is using it, to do that create the collection with the name ALL

Dynamic Collection Filters

What happens if the price is updated, how do you ensure that the pricing is updated in Shopify

Since our app acts as a middle step in the purchase flow we load the prices as a product is configured.
It means that even if a price changes while a user is making a configuration the next change of an option, qty or clicking add to cart will use the current live price at that precise moment.

Furthermore if Mimeeq detects a previously created custom product with this same option exists and the price no longer matches, we will archive it and create a new one, ensuring there is no invalid products can be added to the cart.

How does Mimeeq handle Sales Taxes

Mimeeq is Sales Tax Agnostic, meaning we simply pass the price you configured in our app to the newly created product/variant in Shopify
Therefore if you sell with prices excluding or inclusive of tax you simple set your prices in Mimeeq the same way you want them entered into the Shopify product

What currencies do we support

We support all common currencies and these can be configured within the Mimeeq external dashboard settings.

Can I have a custom look and design of the configurator

Yes and we have 2 options for you:

Use our theme template editor to customise basic colours and controls + some exposed CSS variables
Together we can build a completely custom UI for you

Better still we will host the code and delivery it for you using our global CDN for blazing fast load speeds

Do we support Left to Right Layouts

We currently do not support it with our standard UI but you can use a custom built UI using our SDK to handle this, please contact us for more information.

Will the configurator slow down my site

If you use the Mimeeq button along with a template that does not render the configurator at page load then we only load a small script when the page loads
When clicking the button we pull our main code into the page so the initial page load speed stays fast.

All Mimeeq models, materials, code is minified and compressed and distributed through Amazons cloudfornt CDN

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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