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Mimeeq Basket System

What is Mimeeq Basket?

The basket is the universal name, it can be renamed to "Order" for example if you want to use it to receive orders, this is covered in our settings as indicated in the instructions below.
Mimeeq basket is an extension to the configurator and works best when used with with a group of variants.
The basket system consists of a basket icon that will appear on any page its enabled as long as that page has the mimeeq configurator active on it
The page visitor can then add products from the configurator into the basket, change qty's delete them just like a typical shopping cart system
The Quote submission includes the SKU code, which is visible to both the Company and the Client.
When the visitor is ready they can submit the basket they need to add their name, email and any other contact details you set up in settings and then after clicking submit an email confirmation is sent to both the submitter and the merchant.

Step by Step Guide

The following guide will have you up and running in a matter of minutes

1. Update your Basket Settings

The first Step is to make sure you have added the key settings to the basket settings section which include:

Basket Settings SectionDetails
Quote Submission NameThis is the name that will be added to the email confirmations, for example you can call this quote submission and then on the emails the customer receives it will say thank you for your quote submission
LogoHere you add your logo as you would like it to appear at the top of your email confirmation that is sent
website URLThis is your website address, its added into the header of the email so users can easily navigate back to your website
Contact usHere you can put a link to a contact form on your webpage or any other weblink or action URL you wish
Forward EmailsHere you can enter one or more emails, this must be completed with at least one email as these emails will be used to receive the request, a typical email would be sales@yourdomain for example, you can add as many emails as you like, please also note the section about how emails work below
Email footerThis gives the ability to add a customer HTML footer to the email, if you need help with the HTML reach out to our support team
Contact formHere you pick the fields that the customer will see when submitting their basket, for each field it can be marked as optional or required, required fields must be completed for the basket to be submitted, by default name and email are always required.

2. Add Mimeeq Basket to your Embed Code

Now you have the settings ready its time to add the basket to your website, this is done by using the normal embed widget controls:

Head to the embed templates under settings and select the template you have embedded in your website or create the new one.
Activate the following toggles, see the screenshot below for reference.

1.Enable Basket Mode, this will change the button to add to cart (this can be translated later)
2.Placement of the Add to Cart button, there are 2 options which is to add this instead of the finish button or on the finish screen
3.Integration type, select Mimeeq
4.Explore Products URL, This is the url that a visitor will be directed to if or when they click the explore product button, this button is shown when the basket is empty and after the basket is submitted. This will typically be the url where you product group list is embedded for example yourdomain/products

Settings -> Data -> Embed Templates

You can see the basket icon appearing on the right side of the embed preview.

3. Copy your Embed code to your webpage and test your set up

If you have the edited embed template already embedded into your website, the basket will automatically appear there.
If not, please embed this template into your website.

Its always wise to have a little test first but once your happy its functioning as you intended your all set and you can start receiving quote and order requests

Check out a live demo here and feel free to submit your basket, we do not have prices turned on in this demo but basket works with or without priced products.

How email confirmations work?

To make it super easy for you to be up and running mimeeq handle all the email traffic for the basket including replies from your customer.
We send an email from mimeeq and this email has a special reply to address, if the user then replies to that email we forward it to your forwarding emails addresses adding in your basket settings.
We keep forwarding all replies so you can discuss with your customer back and forth without the need to add or maintain any custom domain DNS records.

IMPORTANT Mimeeq does not store any email conversations we simply forward these acting as a middle processor

How can I translate the names within the Mimeeq basket such as the submit button etc?

Like with all mimeeq embeds all elements are fully translatable, check out our developer docs here for a list of available translations.

For convenience here is the list of translatable items at the time of creating this article, however we recommend going to our dev docs as this will always have the latest additions.

Example code which you can add along with your configurator embed or into better still into your page footer.

  window.mimeeqCustomMessages = {

// Basket Specific
       "basket.panel.header": "Basket {count, plural, =0 { } other {(#)}}",
       "basket.panel.requestQuote": "Request Quote",
       "": "Total",
       "basket.item.removeTooltip": "Remove this item",
       "basket.item.specification": "Specification",
       "basket.item.subtotal": "Subtotal",
       "basket.item.unitPrice": "Unit price",
       "basket.panel.empty.header": "Your basket is empty",
       "basket.panel.empty.description": "Add at least one item to a basket for making an order or generation a quotation",
       "basket.panel.empty.explore": "Explore Products",
       "": "Add Contact Details",
       "": "Full Name",
       "": "Email",
       "": "Phone Number",
       "": "Company Name",
       "": "Address",
       "": "Notes",
       "": "Send Request",
       "basket.success.header": "Order Sent",
       "basket.success.subheader": "Thank you for submitting your Request!",
       "basket.success.reference": "Your Submission Reference is {referenceCode}.",
       "": "A copy has been sent to the email you submitted for your reference",
       "basket.success.explore": "Browse More Products",
       "basket.item.note": "Note (optional)",

// Finish and Add to Cart / Basket Buttons
      "header3d.finish": "Finish", // modular product
      "historymodule.panelmenufooter.finish": "Finish", // 2d/3d product
      "historymodule.panelmenufooter.addToCart": "Add to Cart", // 2d/3d product when basket mode
      "summarypanel.addToCart": "Add to Cart", // when the add to cart button is on the summary screen
      "header3d.addToCart": "Add to Cart", // Add to cart on modular product header

4. Example on how it works

1. You can add as many as you want products to the cart, showing and summarising the price.

&ast;you can open the product directly from the basket!

2. Request the quote by filling your contact information.

&ast;would be autofilled for Signed up user.

3. Confirmation screen

4. Email that client would get

4.1 Confirmation online view from the client perspective

&ast;with the SKU code!

5. Email that you would get as the Company

5.1 Quote submission Company perspective

&ast;with the SKU code!

If you want to Embed Mimeeq Basket to your website, let us know or simply contact support for assistance.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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