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CSV Import Templates - Pricing and Item Master

Help Article: Importing Data Templates

To ensure a smooth data import process for both Item Master and Market Cost Prices, please follow the instructions below.

Download Templates

Item Master Template: 🔗 LINK
Market Cost Prices Template: 🔗 LINK

❗Important Import Information

The import process will overwrite all columns. It is crucial to include all necessary data.
Make sure you do not alter the structure of the template.

Fields to Import

Item Master Fields

Code001Cannot contain Spaces
DescriptionWidget Aany text string containing characters
Delivery5Whole number only
m30.1can be decimals to 5 places
Weight1.5can be decimals to 3 places
Width10can be decimals to 3 places
Depth20can be decimals to 3 places
Height30can be decimals to 3 places

Market Cost Prices Fields


Import Options

Update Existing: Select this option to update records that already exist in the database. Leave it unchecked to add new items without affecting existing ones.
Clear Existing Items before import: Check this option to delete all current records before the import. This is equivalent to manually removing items prior to the import.

Import Options

After Importing

Once you click the 'Import' button, a summary will display, showing the count of imported, updated, and skipped records.
You can download the skipped records to using the export codes button

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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