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Advanced Pricing Integration and Using Mimeeq's Pricing API Endpoint

Who is this article for?

You have your own user management system and do not want to use Mimeeq's.
You need to show special prices for logged in users.
You want to show special promotional prices.
You want to pull prices from an external source and show them in our configurator.

Concept and Use Case

Let's take an example use case that where you want to provide special prices when one of your commerce customers logs into your website.

In this instance, you need to request from Mimeeq a special price list or price lists for this user or for the user's company.

With our pricing API Endpoint you can request prices in many ways which are listed below:

Using a Public Price List assigned to a given language

This keeps it really simple and works nicely for a lot of customers, it allows you to set 1 or more price lists to a given language and based on the display language you pass the language parameter along with your API key and product short-code and our API will return the public price.

Note: if no language is supplied it will use your default language.

Using Price List ID's

This allows you to add as many Price lists ID's as you like, in such a case we will return the cheapest price based on the price list ID's you specify, so keep in mind that if the price is 100 in price list one and 90 in price list two, we will only return 90.

Tip: If you wish to get the price for price lists separately you should make separate API calls with one price list specified at a time, this can then be used for making some cross-analysis between the prices and displaying the difference as a discount.

Using a Company ID

Mimeeq allows for a single company to have multiple price lists and you can specify the company ID and we will calculate the prices for this specific company based on all their price lists and return the price.

Tip: This is very useful when you want to return the prices for users who are assigned to a company (your customer), you just need to set up the company in Mimeeq's companies tab in the main app dashboard and then assign the price lists for that company, copy the company ID and store this in your website backend along with the user credentials, then when the user logs in you can pass this ID to our API and retrieve the specific prices for that user's company.


To set the price in the Mimeeq configurator you must set the embed snippet with the parameter below: (Note: this can be clicked on in our embed snippet controller panel)


Link to our developer docs about setting the custom price can be found here
You can also set the decimal places displayed with min/max values as well as set the delivery date.

You can find details of our API here

Please note that if you supply price list(s) ID's they will override the public price, if you supply a Company ID it will override everything.

Below is a screenshot from the API documentation for quick reference however we suggest heading to our dedicated API reference page where you can test it out for yourself.

As always if you have any questions reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to reach out to Mimeeq support.

Updated on: 26/11/2023

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