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Invite a Partner User, Client (Tier2)

Invite a Partner User, Client (Tier2)

The following article covers how to invite clients as users
Client users can view prices and create favourite collections from your embedded content.
Client, guest users, or Tier2 users as we like to call them, cannot access the Mimeeq dashboard and will be redirected to your website based on the redirect URL set in your account settings.
For information about inviting a work colleague, the primary user refer to the article about inviting primary users Invite a Co Worker, Primary User (Tier1)

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Open the Contact you want to Invite

Step 1 screenshot

From the contact, Click the Company

All invites are carried out on the company screen associated with the contact

Step 2 screenshot

Or you can navigate to the company directly

Step 3 screenshot

Click Invite beside the contacts name as Indicated

Step 4 screenshot

This will bring up a Invite Modal as shown below

Step 5 screenshot

Select the Langauge of the user

Step 6 screenshot

Click on Invite

Step 7 screenshot

After a couple of secs, the Modal will close, and the status will change to Invited

Step 8 screenshot

Status of Invite

When the user has completed the invite process, the status will change to the user

Step 9 screenshot

The Status of each user can also be seen on the Contacts List View

Step 10 screenshot

Steps the client user will go through to register

The users you invite will receive an email to sign up

Clicking the link in the email will take them to a sign-up page

They will complete their password

An email will be sent to them to confirm their registration

When they confirm the email, they will be signed up

Updated on: 30/12/2022

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