3D Modelling Photo and Video References Guide

A Guide to how to take images so that you products can be easily modelled

The following examples show the type of images and details that should be provided to assist in the creation of 3D models from images.

Even if CAD models are provided, images like below are extremely useful to enable us to see the real product behaviour for things, like wrinkles, creases, welds, stitching etc...

Key Images

Below is a series of key images showing the overall form of the product, in this case, the chair:

Important Details

Any details that are important should be highlighted, ideally along with any notes:

What not to Send

Below are 2 images, on the left the images were taken into the light and the focus was on the outside, this results in a dark image, this is of course an extreme case, but images should be taken like on the right labelled good lighting:


Below is an example of dimensions we would require, the more dimensions the better and from the more angles the better.  


This is an added bonus to get a video similar to the one below where a video is taken around the product, we can use these videos to extract images which we can use as references:

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to reach out to Mimeeq support.

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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